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My name is Thomas.
I’m 62 years old and have been raised and bread in Leeds.
I am known to be a greedy person when it comes to food. I come from a whole line of cooks. My great-great-grand father was a navy cook for the Majesty’s Royal Fleet on the HMS Swiftsure.Since then, all my family members have been cooks.
As an only child, my grandmother and mother had no choice than to pass on the family tradition to me. More than a simple family heritage, it is a real passion for cooking at home that I was given. My first memory about food was when I was 5 years old with sweet tooth; my grandmother used to make dumplings, chocolate cakes and apple pies. I would always wait in the kitchen for her to show me how to cook.

Years later, I realized how much I loved cooking and baking, so I opened my first restaurant, then a second and after a few years I managed up to seven different locations. Today, my two children have taken over the family business, so I decided to start a blog and share my passion with my CookTegory !!

I’m always looking for new recipes or special food from either far away countries or by searching on the internet. Exploring what can be done food-wise is what creating recipes is all about. Finding new products and associating them together can make miracles (or disasters). Lucky for you, I’ll taste them first and then I’ll share my experience with you.

If you want to help me out by sending me your own “creative recipes”, contact me on Facebook. I’m open to suggestions, ideas, articles and any content that you believe would be helpful.

All I hope is that my passion for food can be met here.
As the French say “bon appetit”!!