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On the last day of October, young and old alike will rush to your door to throw this famous « A candy or a spell ? ». Don’t take the risk of suffering a bad spell! To protect yourself, there is no better option than to fill up with candy.

The origin of Halloween

Halloween has its origins in Celtic mythology. It seems that 3000 years ago, the year ended not on December 31 but rather on October 31. This night which closed the year was then considered as Samain’s night, announcing the beginning of a « Black » weather. Indeed, the nights become longer in October. Legend has it that the deceased took advantage of this long night to return to the world of the living.

At that time, it was believed that fantastic beings such as fairies, ghosts and witches roamed around the houses. The living then chose to wear terrifying costumes to repel these beings from the afterlife.

The Irish have « exported » their tradition to the United States. Jack O’Lantern, a character symbolizing this pagan festival, comes from an Irish tale. He was a stingy and mean man. He was also credited with the role of an inveterate drunkard. Jack was portrayed as a self-centered person. Crafty, he manages to deceive the devil twice. So that when he dies, he is not allowed into heaven or hell. The only thing Jack gets is a piece of coal that the devil gives him. This coal, he places it in a dug turnip and thus succeeds in making a lantern that will guide him until the last judgment. Legend has it that Jack reappears every October 31, the anniversary of his death.

Today, turnips are replaced by pumpkins. Since no one wants to take the risk of being haunted, terrifying (often unusual) costumes are extremely popular.

Candy hunting, a ritual for children on Halloween

For North Americans, Halloween has not always been synonymous with fun. Traditionally, people played tricks that sometimes went very far. But with the changes of the times, this celebration becomes much more enjoyable. In addition to the costume and pumpkin ritual, there is the candy-hunting ritual.

The mystery is omnipresent during this long night. The children in costume represent the hitting spirits and witches who roam freely in the world of the living. As a result, they perpetuate the twisted activities of these evil beings. But there is a way to escape it, when they wander the streets, the disguised children go door to door, equipped with a must-have candy bag. They’ll knock on your door at random, claim sweets. This will be the most effective way for you to escape the bad spells.

You don’t have to believe in legends. But Halloween is an exceptional evening, one where the imagination has no limits. Children are often disappointed by the lack of interest of adults who no longer believe in anything. A few sweets in reserve, to offer to these proud little ones of their costumes and their courage will not hurt you. Because yes, you have to be brave to dare to go out in the dark night, knowing that ghosts and other creatures are prowling around.

Children’s candy: Les Pilules du Diable

Halloween night is the night of all jokes. Play the game by offering mischievous treats to little hunters. Pilule du Diable will certainly be popular. Each package contains candy in individual bags. Cola or Cherry aroma, it’s up to you to choose the one you want to distribute.

The box and packaging recall the theme of fear. Taste is no exception. From the first contact with the tongue, this candy will sting instantly. The surprise effect will be successful and the children will not soon forget this stuffing full of delicacies.

It is not necessary to offer many of them. The spice will stop this crazy urge to eat candy. But even if you only offer a few, you will certainly create a sensation.

Candy for children: the Funny Straws

Children love lollipops because they are easy to enjoy. The Funny Straws will have the same effect but with many more colours.

At first glance, they are straws, almost identical to those used to sip a drink. Except these are made to be enjoyed. Acidic but sweet, they are available in several « sizes ». Some of them measure up to 45cm, so imagine the happiness of each child you offer them.

pilule du diable

These candies are sold in boxes or bags depending on the size, offering you the possibility to buy from 50 to 200 straws. Of course, you can fill up with sweets to be sure.

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