Honor the saint honored

One of the great classics of French pastry, the Saint-Honoré is a recipe that will surprise you with its unique flavor. If you are wondering how and where this dessert was born, you will have an answer here.

The Saint-Honoré is a recipe that was invented at the Chiboust pastry shop in 1850. This dessert, born in this establishment located on rue Saint-Honoré, is the work of the young pastry chef Auguste Julien. The idea of creating this classic starts from a big brioche in which one stuffs a cream before adding a broken paste. The balls of dough with cabbage garnished with cream Chiboust perfectly erected then give it all its consistency. In general, an authentic Saint-Honoré is made at the base of this famous puff pastry. This very delicious pastry so called in tribute to the patron saint of bakers is also made from cabbages that are carefully garnished with Chiboust cream.