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To choose the best corkscrew, it is necessary to consider it from several points of view. It is an everyday accessory, but also an accessory which can easily bring a decorative touch to your table. Knowing how to choose the right sizes, the right brands, the right materials, the right styles, all this is important.

Discover first the corkscrew, and why it is necessary to take one, then know how to make your choice.

What is a corkscrew, and what is it used for ?

A corkscrew is an instrument used to uncork bottles of wine, alcohol or beer. The name comes from the fact that it is used to pull on the bottle to remove the cork inside. Today, the corkscrew has become a decorative accessory, but also an accessory of celebration and conviviality. Indeed, it can be made of iron, wood, stainless steel, etc. To name but a few, there are for example the « sparkling », the « white » or the « cut ».

The different types of corkscrews

The corkscrew is divided into several categories. These are differentiated in particular by the materials of which they are manufactured (stainless steel, wood, metal, etc.) and the forms which they have (round, square, oval, etc.). Among the categories, we find the corkscrew « with handle » and the corkscrew « with screw ».

The corkscrew with handle is one of the most traditional. It is composed of a metal which is in general iron and of a handle which is out of wood. The corkscrew with screw is, him, made up of a metal which is in general of stainless steel and a metal screw. At the beginning, the corkscrews were manufactured starting from copper. But over time, copper became scarce and iron replaced it. Wood is also used to make the handles.

The corkscrews according to their various uses

For wine: they are most often used to uncork wine bottles. But any type of bottle can be uncorked with a wine corkscrew. There are many different types.

For alcohol: These are used for uncorking bottles of spirits. Some are also designed to uncork beer bottles.

What are the criteria for choosing a corkscrew ?

Choosing a corkscrew can be a difficult task. With manufacturers offering a wide range of products, how can you be sure you are buying a corkscrew that suits your personal needs and tastes ? Here are some useful criteria for choosing your product.


The worm

It must be out of steel of course. It must be out of stainless steel for the corkscrews with alcohol. It must be adapted to the bottle: a notched one with a narrow neck for the bottles of wine and a notched one with broad neck for the bottles of beer.

The handle

It must be shock-resistant, solid and practical. It must also be light and easy to use. The handle should be wooden for alcohol corkscrews. It must be plastic for beer corkscrews.

The style

This choice will depend on your personal taste. There are several styles, such as: the classic shape, the fancy shape, the round shape and the plastic shape. The style also has an impact on the price.

To choose the best product, it is thus necessary to look at the characteristics and the important points which touch the choice of a good corkscrew. It is also necessary to take into account its budget in order to be able to buy the best product without having to spend too much money.

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