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We are back today to talk about a concept that we found really interesting: the food truck. For some time now, it has been gaining momentum and we must admit that it is an idea that has attracted us a lot of interest. So, in order not to make long blablas, we will get to the heart of the matter right away. What should you do if you are planning on launching a food truck in the near future? Indeed, it is not a decision that is made on a whim, it requires a very significant investment, even just to buy a truck in which you will allow your guests to eat.

You must prepare for it as you would for any other investment

As with all the investments you have to make, you must also think about preparing your move well before launching your food truck. We therefore advise you to get as much information as possible on the subject before anything else. Talk to the other owners to find out what really awaits you if you want to get into the business too.

It is necessary to take the time to ask yourself the right questions: is owning a food truck compatible with your projects, your lifestyle too?  Are you really in a position to own a food truck, either emotionally or physically? Are you comfortable in dealing with others? We would like to point out that becoming a foodtruck owner is an important commitment.

We also recommend that you take the time to think about the concept you are going to implement. Obviously, it will have to be different from the others, because although it is in the United States that it is popular at the moment, there is also some competition in our country.

We therefore suggest that you find a way to innovate. Why not offer organic dishes for example? It’s a good idea because more and more people are choosing to switch to organic these days, you’re going to have a lot of customers. Or even maybe gluten-free food, why not? Conduct market research as you would any other business.

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A concept people will remember.

If you have decided to go ahead anyway, you should think about making your activity legal and therefore choose a legal status that you will adopt for your company. We advise you to seek professional help in all this, it will be easier and faster. And as with any company, take the time to make a business plan that will help you better manage your business.

You will also need to apply for the necessary certifications to start your business. Indeed, you will sell food so there are different steps and controls to ensure that you respect hygiene standards, but also that you have the necessary knowledge to prepare food for others.

Get the right equipment

Once you have all the cards in hand, you will have to be equipped properly. In the spirit of food truck, you will therefore have to buy a fairly large truck, depending on what you want to do with it. Indeed, some food trucks are arranged so that customers can eat in them, others not. You have to decide this before you buy the truck. You don’t need a new one, you can buy a used one, and you’ll see it fitted out anyway.

In a food truck, the whole area will obviously be dedicated to the setting up of a kitchen in which you will be able to prepare all the meals that people will order. There are some truck that are already designed to be able to cook in. Also think of the washing and product storage space, a fridge in other words and a sink. Don’t forget all the utensils you will need.

You will also have to serve your customers so you need chairs and stools and tables, unless you decide to sell only takeaway products, which is also a good idea. We would like to point out that packaging represents more and more expenses and frequent expenses.

You will have to offer dishes that you can prepare quickly, so we advise you to rent a room to cook and transport everything in the truck so that you only have to prepare them!

How to get the right supplies?

Once the truck is ready, you will be able to start the preparations. You are going to need a lot of products, especially for organic, so you need to look for suppliers who will work with you. I suggest you choose those who can provide you on a regular basis and sign a contract to make it more formal.

For other products, it would be good to source from other non-contractual wholesalers. If you prefer to do your own shopping, it is indeed interesting, because you can change sellers as you wish if you find interesting prices elsewhere.

You will then have to find the ideal place to set up your truck and start selling your meals. Food trucks are mostly large, so you’ll have to find some pretty big places. We advise you to contact the city authorities to find out about the different steps and also the costs involved in installing your food truck.

We also recommend that you make sure your site has a source of electricity, a source of water as well as a propane supply area, you may well need them, in the surrounding area.

Work now to develop your business

food truck tips

A good promotion can really help.

Developing your business is a logical follow-up to the launch of your food truck. You need to get yourself talked about to attract as many people as possible. Social networks will always help you because, nowadays, everyone has an account on a social network, which you have to do too.

In the first few months, we recommend that you bring someone who knows the area well so that they can give you the right advice to succeed. We also encourage you to hire at least one person to help you in the food truck, especially if you realize that more and more people are coming to see you.

We also recommend that you do not forget to finalize your menu. Since the opening, you probably had time to see which dishes work best, you have to include them in the daily menu and vary the rest a little. You also need to take the time to listen to what your customers are asking you, this will allow you to improve your meals and the quality of your services.

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