Spotlight on gluten-free eating

Eat differently. That could also have been the title of this article. Regaining possession of your body, your spirit, reconnecting to nature, a complete way of life.

A non-exhaustive assortment of gluten-free products

A non-exhaustive assortment of gluten-free products

And why not… :

– Support local producers
– Try organic food
– Look at labels… it’s frightening!
– Inform yourself about the short and long effects of industrial “cuisine”

Gluten-free food: try it and you’ll be hooked

– The pleasure of eating fresh products
– The big comeback of fruits and vegetables and of meat and fish
– Long live organic food and local producers
– Against the culture of mass consumption
– Against chemical processing, additives and flavor enhancers

Am I intolerant?

A necessity for some, a deliberate choice for others.

Allergic? Intolerant? …Snob?

Celiac disease, also called gluten intolerance, affects approximately 1-2% of the population. It is considered an auto-immune disease, since the body is fighting against itself.

For example, in the case of an allergy, the person’s body will react in an almost immediate way and cause strong symptoms at first contact with the allergen.

In the case of a gluten-intolerant person, the symptoms will be much more discreet and will become worse over the course months or years. In fact, the body will produce antibodies against the intestines, which eventually will destroy the intestinal villi. The famous symptoms are diarrhea, bloating, swelling of the face, red patches, etc.

This disease has been under the spotlight in Europe for a year. This “trend” of gluten-free eating, which appeared in the United States, is THE new social phenomenon. Praised by influential personalities and stars from the world of show business and relayed by the media, this consumption trend is emerging as the new regiment of celebrities in search of ideas for slimming, much to the dismay of the truly intolerant…

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