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Dining over the sea, what better way to discover one of the most famous restaurants in the Riviera? Follow the steps of Cocteau, Picasso or Pagnol who were amongst the customers of the Coco-Beach restaurant.

View at the famous Bouillabaisse and fish restaurant in Nice

View at the famous Bouillabaisse and fish restaurant in Nice

Founded in 1936 by Jean-Baptiste Coco, the Coco-Beach restaurantstarted out as a sponge wholesaler shack to “purify” sponges in sea water which JB Coco imported untreated from Greece and Italy in the early 30’s. Because JB Coco grilled some fish for his mates and some local people at his shack, he started enjoying a certain success and decided to name his shack “Les Mouettes” (The seagulls).

When the Second World War was coming to an end, English and American sailors were coming over to eat “pan bagnat” (a typical niçoise salad sandwich) and grilled fish. They used to call the shack “Coco-Beach” which pleased Coco who kept the name since.

Acquiring an international reputation over the years, Coco-Beach became part of the history of Nice.

Coco-Beach fish restaurant over 50 years ago

Coco-Beach fish restaurant over 50 years ago

Coco-beach bouillabaisse

Coco-beach is also famous for its Bouillabaisse (Bouillabaisse is a French fish stew made with at least three different types of fish., since The President René Coty, who had invited Coco to prepare the bouillabaisse at the Elysée Palace, the recipe has not changed. The Sunday Times reporter “Jane Webster” described the Bouillabaisse as the “best she had ever had”.

Locating the restaurant

Situated near the docks, a few minutes away from the old-city, in the Mont-Boron Cap in Nice, it is open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday. If you have a GPS device then type in the address (2, Avenue Jean Lorrain) or ask the “Ma Nolans” Irish bar for directions.

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